City of Boston parking failure

So my girlfriend had a couple of outstanding parking tickets (actually, not her tickets or mine, but that’s a long story) and her car got booted. Excessive, but ok. What’s not ok is that they did this last thing on a Friday afternoon (4:40pm), right after their office closed for the week at 4:30pm, then gave her two tickets for failing to move her car over the weekend.

This kind of thing happens because busybodies run around generating revenue the City is too scared of generating using alternatively sane means (by increasing taxes) and so it has gotten the parking situation out of control. It’s ludicrous to hold someone’s car hostage and then charge them for failing to move that car without any third option. This isn’t the first thing Boston has done to annoy me along these lines.

It’s important to realize cities like Boston only understand things that impact tax revenues. Moving to Boston next year is very unlikely as a result – they don’t need to generate revenue from me, they’re waving neon signs saying “we’re unreasonable, don’t live here”.


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