Spotify desktop app

I bought a Spotify subscription recently. I like the concept, and the Android app is just about usable (though not an Apple-level application at this point). What is really driving me nuts is that, if you fall into the trap of registering with your Facebook account (they present it as a single-sign-on option, but really it’s to push the integration), Spotify goes into a special obnoxious mode wherein it insists that you always have the app installed in your Facebook account. Changing permissions on the app or removing its ability to post to your account only invites an error – especially in the second case, wherein it will bug you *every* time you play a track that you don’t have it in your timeline. Do my friends really care /that/ much about what I’m listening to that they can’t choose to follow my and leave it at that?

I’ve tried complaining to Spotify, asking how to switch my account to the non-Facebook mode (that hopefully just plays songs, like I paid for). I have heard nothing yet. My next recourse will be to complain to Facebook that Spotify have an app that is malicious and should be removed from the site. I suspect that would then get a customer service reply from Spotify. Not my preferred means to make contact and get this fixed, but certainly an option.


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