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Friday, January 18th, 2002

[ from the quickies-even-happen-with-jcm dept. ]

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I suppose it’s about time I updated people as to the fascinatingly exciting things I have been up to in the last (who knows? :P ) however long it’s been. Read on for details…

I got several things workwise over the summer. Spent most of the time doing systems programming for an embedded systems company. Also did SysAdmin and a bunch of writing as well as reading for my final year project. I didn’t get to go on holiday but I had a fun time anyway and enjoyed the summer loads – plus I got offered nearly 100K to leave Uni and take an insanely cool job (it was pretty tempting – I mean, it’s hardly as if I love Nottingham or anything, but I guess I might as well finish what I started years ago).

I bought a Powerbook, her name is obsideon. She’s a 667MHz G4 running Debian and being used to develop genesis – my final year University project and hopefully some day a small microkernel.

I’m thinking about longer term stuff now – getting a job I actually like (offers on a postcard…) and whether I want to do research. Only trouble is I hate this place (too much Micky Mouse bullshit and not enough interesting stuff going on) so it would have to be somewhere cool.

What else – heh, I dunno, but I’m sure I’ll update this log a bit now :-)

Should I be using something else? Maybe. I wanted something GPL’d that installed on my ISP’s setup and which I could update easily and therefore often.

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