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Always eat your own dogfood…

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

I recently completed the final transition necessary to declare my home an entirely Fedora-enabled zone. I now have FC6 or Rawhide on my desktops and laptops. I’m still deciding whether to go with CentOS, Fedora Server or something else on my future server installs. It’s only by ensuring I 100% eat my own dogfood that I can be more effective at developing for it. Once you kill yum-updatesd, things get more fun :-)

Yes, I’ll be at FUDCon Boston this weekend (well, not all weekend – I plan to procure some mediocre warm beer, potato chips and a large foam hand in time for Sunday’s game…woooo yeah!).


So I bought a TV…

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

Photo: Living room (part 2).

So I bought a TV. I managed to live for almost 4 months without one, but I finally caved and bought one last weekend. On Friday, I committed the heinous crime of getting Comcastic(!) digital Cable with a DVR (PVR, whatever you want to call it today…). Anyway, I admit that I’ve watched way too much TV already but am now totally sold on the DVR/PVR/MythTV concept since I’m able to join the modern age and just “tivo” all the shows I care about. I already re-watched that Bill O’Reilly segment on Colbert just a few too many times…and discovered how to keep such recordings around for the next time I feel guilt at indirectly paying News Corp.

Next step is to hook this up to a PVR of my own or figure out a way to pull the raw feeds off this box without modifying it. Comcast’s “on demand” streaming TV (doubt it’s actually IPTV, but it’s a similar multicast-like on demand streaming concept, I’ll bet) is a nice touch. I can get hundreds of free movies and control playback just like with pre-recorded shows.


Jon Masters, Blogger

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

I picked up a copy of Ben Franklin’s autobiography (that he never finished) and am enjoying the additional Poor Richard/Silence Dogood material that was deemed a value-add in this compendium. The coolest thing about Franklin (other than the fact that he was perhaps the first true International Statesman) is that (at his request) his Epitaph read simply “Ben Franklin, Printer”. Of all the things he could have listed, he kept it simple.