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Happy Mailman Day Everyone!

Saturday, March 1st, 2003

[ from the that-time-of-the-month-again... dept. ]

Happy Mailman Day Everyone! This is the day we celebrate mass flooding of mailing list membership reminders. Yay!

Hopefully within a month of today we will have up and running, and will be known as I should also have a project website hosted there – otherwise people will have to beat me with pointy sticks until there is.

I feel amazingly old at the moment, I know I’m not, but just think – in only a few years cheesy nightclubs will be playing 90s music! Not 80s, but 90s…it wasn’t that long ago…where did time go? I need to sort things out – like what do I really want to do for the next zillion years after Nottingham? I still quite like the idea of research. Arrgh.

My ADSL provider should be sorting out 4 IPs for my home boxen, thus allowing both for more real online hosts and commical reverse dns entries. I need to fill out a separate RIPE justification for to give us an IP each for a virtual host – that way will be a host, and will be virtual host running User Mode Linux with a separate IP address and seemingly separate machine – very useful indeed.