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Saturday, November 5th, 2005

I just got back from speaking at a migration event in Manchester, organised by the folks at IBM. This was the first time I have spoken at one of their events and I got to give an overview of the Linux and Power communities, our history, and where we are going forward. I also got to meet a bunch of people and apparently will have my own POWER5 box turning up for development. I also enjoyed being put up in the Radisson for a night and having the chance to sync up with Jono and some of the other guys who I don’t see all too often.

I’ve booked some flights for December:

UA9230 LHR (2005/12/15 11:05) -> MUC (2005/12/15 13:50)
UA8871 MUC (2005/12/15 15:15) -> JFK (2005/12/15 18:25)
UA8840 JFK (2005/12/29 16:05) -> FRA (2005/12/30 05:30)
UA8809 FRA (2005/12/30 07:25) -> LHR (2005/12/30 08:05)

I’ll take the train to Montreal and then swing by Ottawa for a few days. I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going out to Halifax and I’d also like to go and see the District of Columbia for a few days too. Those are logistics that I’ll need to sort out over the next month.

I had lunch with John Buckman earlier and then swung by his pad in Covent Garden for some coffee and an interview. He’s one seriously cool guy and really seems to understand the issues involved in doing online music right. I’ve even discovered a couple of new Canadian artists that I didn’t know about before.

This evening, I had a wonder around the market at Covent Garden, had yet more blueberry juice and found yet another specialist tea shop that doesn’t have Maple Tea (one of the folks at Whittard has however agreed to pass on some for tasting if I pick some up). I found an outdoor store on the corner and bought a belay plate and caribiner. Tonight, I bought some more music on John’s website and dropped Brad Sucks a line (since he’s from Ottawa and I like supporting Canadian artists). My day started with a courier rush pickup and ended with impulsive music purchasing.


London Meetup

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

I went along to a bunch of tonight’s Meetup events at a bar in High Holborn. These were formed from an amalgam of several different groups, including the Americans Abroad, Canadian London Expats, and various others. I met some fun people (including at least one who had also travelled in from Reading) and will probably swing by next time around.