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mixing business and pleasure

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

So I just got back from LinuxWorld Boston 2006. Had an enjoyable week overall, got to hook up with Sven, Bill, Debra and many other friends, developers and publishing contacts. Had dinner in lots of different (cool) places, had meetings and generally geeked out at a few MIT related events. Got back to the UK on Monday morning and skipped out on sleep until pretty much just now, when I seem to have grabbed a few more hours than I planned – oh well.

I’m so looking forward to living in Cambridge, MA that it’s just not true. It’s a happening place with some very cool people. Anyway, meanwhile I’m back in the UK. Spent some time on work stuff and got distracted fixing an ALSA bug last night that I think I’ll look at again in a minute. I need some coffee. And I’ll write an entry that doesn’t suck later.