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Brave New Jon – 6am at the beach

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Photo: Jon Masters, at the beach.

So I happened to wake up soon after 4am (not too unusual these days) and headed out to the beach around 5am this morning, for a quiet stroll. I can get down to Nantasket in around 45 minutes now, depending upon traffic – though of course, getting back into town on I-93 is fun if you leave after around 8am, which is another reason to go early.

I lay there for a while, watching the sunrise, ocean sounds in the distance. Very peaceful. Reminded me of lying on a beach in Ventura. I think I need to do this way more often. While I was on the beach, I chatted with a local surfing dude, who recommended that I head to Whitecrest this weekend. I’m thinking that’s a good idea – it almost meets the qualification I’m looking for. Not quite the middle of nowhere, but it’ll likely do for this weekend.


P.S. No photos today. Due to what appears to be a bug in the Mac OS X driver for a crappy external card reader I happened to be using, all of the photos were automatically trashed when I inserted the card (the first FAT was corrupted, which was then obviously replaced with the backup, and fsck.msdos was subsequently unable to correct it…great).