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Thursday, November 14th, 2002

[ from the weeeeeee-fun dept. ]

I went Karting again last night, Hussein took some pictures. Motorola won, and had some funky team names – one called “Furia Fliers” (which got spelt as “Furia Friers” by mistake) amused me the most, was it a pun on what they do best? :-)


BBC Children In Need 2002

Thursday, November 14th, 2002

[ from the penguins-are-everywhere dept. ]

Children In Need 2002 takes place on Friday 15th November (tomorrow). I will be wearing a penguin suit all day in support of this event. Please consider a donation.



Sunday, November 10th, 2002

[ from the home-sweet-home dept. ]

Meanwhile, back home on the ranch, jcm has fireworks and a lazy weekend interspaced with bits of work. I’m off out to do some more network admin tonight but first I need some food and a quiet nap. Hopefully I will be back in Nottingham by tomorrow.

I took Vodaphone up on their offer of a Nokia 6310i, cash back, and half my line rental for the next 6 months. I have an old Nokia 3330 for sale.


Soldering Fun For All

Friday, November 8th, 2002

[ from the solder-fumes-are-nice dept. ]

After a bit of hassle, I managed to repair a couple of IPC NVRAMs with Hussein. So his IPC is now working correctly, whereas mine appears to be dead. It’s not worth any more hassle so I will be getting another one either through ebay or a friend. I am tracking some SPARCstations at the moment anyway, because they’re cheap.

Hopefully I can upload some pictures of the NVRAM mod performed on both chips – but the gist is that they now have 2xAA battery holders soldered on via a removable clip so as to make the setup similar in concept to that on old PCs with AA battery backed BIOS data. MACs containing “dead” and “f00f” are not terribly interesting you might say – nor is a hostid of “c0ffee”…but it’s still fun. :-)


Offensive Orange People

Thursday, November 7th, 2002

[ from the and-I-thought-they-were-ok dept. ]

I called the operator on my Orange phone just now to ask whether 0500 numbers were free to call on my service plan. I did not get chance to ask this however because of a loud and unpleasant noise followed by mumbling and then a woman who answered my “hello, is anyone there?” with offensive language and threats that I would be barred. I was going to move my Vodaphone line over as a line2 but now I think not.


Run to the hills!

Thursday, November 7th, 2002

[ from the time-to-escape-perhaps dept. ]

NotLUG was interesting last night, and there are some pictures. Pizza, followed by drinkies and flying cucumbers. Met some interesting people and got a Sparcstation CDROM drive off Sladen so I can actually close the lid on mine after removing the 24x drive that’s in there now to an external enclosure. Might be able to get some external 9GB drives soon too :-)

I actually feel quite miserable today here in Nottingham. That’s not too surprising – but I think I might have to go to London before tomorrow night to cheer myself up. I don’t mean in terms of visiting parts of SoHo, but just being somewhere where there’s more life and activity going on around me :-)

I have been reading again and am learning more on a daily basis – I’m reading about Format I, II and III SPARC instructions (machine code formats) while the freshers are learning to use Excel (yes, really). I don’t belong here, but I’ll quit moaning and go have some coffee so I can get hyper and feel slightly better.

Tomorrow night, we’re having fireworks at home with Joe and Hannah, and that’ll be fun. Until tomorrow then, dear readers, I bid you good day.



Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

[ from the stop-telling-me-already dept. ]

Yes, I do know. Thanks. Yes, yup, thank you. People can stop telling me about the wonderful new models which come in at between less-than to a-little-bit-more-than I paid for my 667. That’s ok though, I will live but am somewhat annoyed they had to get upgraded this soon. The difference is only in speed and a DVD burner if you want one (I would have) but meh, that’s life. It doesn’t help that the paintwork is starting to go already on mine :-)