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I feel weird

Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

[ from the today-like-any-other-day dept. ]

I felt strange last night from about 02:00 onwards. I think it was something about not sleeping properly and a bit of caffeine, and after some sleep I do feel better but not quite how I want to be. Heard some bad news, went to a graduate recruitment talk from UBS Warburg and generally tried to do some more reading. I feel very indifferent to the world again today. I will hopefully be at NotLUG tonight and on Friday I am heading for London in the evening, drop me a line if you know me and are going to be around then :-)


Giant Elephants

Tuesday, November 5th, 2002

[ from the must-get-more-original-titles dept. ]

Tuesday, November 5th. Fireworks time for some, procrastination for others. I’m on the way to campus again, perhaps I’ll get some useful work done today, who knows :-) I’m not going to be allowed to use the mains supply so I’ll have to get some light portable power sorted soon (the UPS is very heavy).

I need to finish off some writing I’m doing, and some coursework, and some reading, and some…etc. As someone once said, “I shall carry on in the face of apathy”.


A New Week Has Come

Monday, November 4th, 2002

[ from the didn't-we-just-have-one? dept. ]

It’s Monday already. This is annoying. I went shopping and did fairly boring things yesterday, though we did do some wireless investigations for signal strength and I have determined that USB Wireless products will be used in our homebrew interhouse link. We can probably even take them apart, and either solder on new antennas or simply stick the entire unit in a large pringles can. In any case, the signal reaches quite a long way without any assistance so I hope we can make this VPN a reality quite soon. Had a visit from a friend, sent email, now going to do some reading and then go to campus. Thousands of hits recorded last week – slashdot is fun. Finally, the IPC does actually work but the NVRAM battery has gone so I will need to solder on a new CR2032 battery clip holder, etc. It’s cool though.

Music: N-Trance – Forver (Radio Edit).


Another Saturday

Sunday, November 3rd, 2002

[ from the the-rain-goes-on dept. ]

Well, it’s Sunday now. Yesterday, I went to Birmingham to see relatives. Pizza Hut lunch, walking around town. It was raining but in a light kind of way and actually enjoyable. Met a former CSiT person on the train who recognised me – which was interesting to say the least. I spent a bit of time reading through some Altivec information as I’m wondering how hard it would be to add some optimisations for john. Sent in G2002 deposit.


Le Weekend

Friday, November 1st, 2002

[ from the time-to-do-something dept. ]

It’s the weekend. I got on Slashdot, here’s another screenshot.

It’s the weekend, read on.

I wonder what to do this weekend. I have plenty of work but at the moment I feel like doing something random – the trip to Birmingham is probably happening tomorrow at some point, though nothing else is planned.

Perhaps I will go to London, but this time for solely recreationaly purposes and purely for my entertainment. I should see a play or do something different, though I do not know what is good or where to see it.

I managed to order a copy of the SPARC Architecture, Assembly and C programming book. This really improved my day a lot! Thanks to Borders for spending more than a month deciding they could not get it. Blackwells will have it in for me soon.