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Nottingham Computer Science Email

Sunday, January 5th, 2003

[ from the declaring-deprecation dept. ]

I have decided to completely deprecate my email account. If you send mail to that address now then you will receive a “MESSAGE AGENT” response indicating that I do not use that account for non-critical department issues. This is because there is no provision or forwarding of email upon graduation and no ability to provide forwarding details. Six months from now, I will return non internal mail as undeliverable.

Other students may wish to follow this approach by investigating rcvtrip from the MMDF installation. Documentation is available online or I can make a postscript manaul available upon request.


On Anti Copying Technology

Saturday, January 4th, 2003

[ from the annoying-fools dept. ]

I have decided not to buy Rod Stewart’s latest Album. The reason is that, although the artist and music are indeed quite to my taste, the title “includes anti copying technology”. This is designed to prevent me from playing the CD in my computer systems so I have two choices – either I buy a CD player (or use my portable I suppose) or I do not buy the music.

When will these people learn ffs?

An alternative is to buy the album anyway and set about seeing if it is possible to circumvent the technology in software (some of the technology relies upon breaking the TOC but not actually doing anything the hardware will reject). Should I have to consider this course of action simply to listen to some music? No. Can I get hold of “J” (the label) or the artist to tell them how heinous this all is? Nope. Silly people with their “anti eveyone” technology designed to prevent music sales.


Here Is The News

Saturday, January 4th, 2003

[ from the ELO-rule dept. ]

Today was another weird day. I was asleep for quite a while catching up on lost sleep last week. I will go out to do some work in a while and probably get back some time late tonight in time for more tomorrow :-)

The bochs review is being finished up at the moment, with a FreeSWAN review to accompany the introduction of * over the next few weeks – I will probably talk friends who are interested in to joining for fun.

The Microsoft book is interesting (I know, depressing is it not? :-) :-) ) however I realise I have nothing against Microsoft Research, just against their evil company as a whole (I suppose even some borg are ok when separated from the collective – e.g. Hew, he was an ok kind of guy).

The Operating Systems book has dried up after a bottle of Vittel opened in my bag and the remainder from the bottom went all over the contents. I have decided to avoid drinking their water for a while (why can they not design the caps better?). I think that book has now had coffee, water, and other liquids spilled over it however it is still surprisingly readable.

I will try to make OxLUG tomorrow from Richard Cohen’s talk on Linux on iPAQs, which I expect to be interesting.

A big thank you to London Underground for ignoring my email of complaint over the disgusting way they lied and cheated me last week. You people make me sick – I was made promises which were lies and had to walk through dark London back streets (does someone need to get mugged before they will learn?). I went to see Lord Of The Rings, the last train was delayed so much that all connections had gone and I was promised they would get me to Paddington…but no, Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies. It is no wonder people try to avoid the underground – and privitisation will not help either.


Regular viewing

Friday, January 3rd, 2003

[ from the work-time dept. ]

Regular viewing time once more, as the “holiday” draws to a close, and I contemplate another term in Nottingham. Fortunately, my undergraduate days are numbered and I can begin contemplating life beyond.

I would really like my American interests to continue and perhaps lead to a job over there, at least for a while, if not for longer. In any case, the Genesis scheduler must be written this month so as to have some code for February.

I wish my regular readers a productive and enjoyable 2003.