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Spin Doctors

Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

[ from the I'm-spinning-around-etc... dept. ]

spinning jcm

So it looks like the USA trip is on hold again, at least until the economic situation improves with regards to visiting certain companies. I am currently trying to persuade my contacts that I am happy to visit even given the present situation so we will have to see what happens.

I have another job interview tomorrow, which should be interesting. Various interesting stuff is happening on the job front but I am not going to document that for the general public at this stage – suffice it to say I am looking for an “interesting and stimulating role with an exciting company”, especially in embedded GNU/Linux development but also in a number of other Research areas too.

At the moment I am writing a quick test serial driver for something which looks a lot like a 16550 and at some point this week should be able to sort out the board info structure for this development board. Next week I will hopefully be at the Linux User & Developer Expo 2003 and also in Nottingham for a friend’s BBQ. There is a certain amount of stuff to do before then.


Anger Management

Sunday, June 15th, 2003

[ from the a-somewhat-odd-film dept. ]

I went to see Anger Management last night. The film has a number of issues and ultimately provokes one towards hostility, while not being particularly humourous.

A predictable, slightly boring, composition of Hollywood Bullshit.


SCO on life support^H^H Microsoft aid

Sunday, June 15th, 2003

[ from the fuck-off-and-die dept. ]

I was reading about the latest installment in the SCO-IBM issue. IBM (quite rightly) refuse to settle and SCO are blindly pressing on while being laughed at by everyone else. They got in a bit of hot water, brought in new management, and they decided that it made more sense to extort money than make or sell products (especially with Microsoft providing monies in “licensing fees” for technology they do not need). So what if someone in IBM might have used 80 lines of SCO “Intellectual Property” – that code can probably be re-written in minutes anyway. They should just accept they lost as a company and give up while they still have even half a reputation left.


Degree Results

Friday, June 13th, 2003

[ from the i-got-a-2:1 dept. ]

So the degree classifications were released late yesterday afternoon. I got a 2:1 which is what I expected – most of my friends also did quite well so we went out to have Wagamama.

While writing this story I was sitting in the Pope Building on a Sun Blade 100 – yes I actually found a Sun workstation available for general use within the University! w00t!


Vue Entertainment Group Cinemas

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

[ from the a-warning-of-things-to-come-very-soon dept. ]

The latest twist on Warner Village is that they have been taken over by SBC Holdings and have formed Vue Entertainment Group. Warner Village cinemas will be redesigned to remove the Warner content apparently and I do not doubt that the whole process will cost considerable money which will have to come from some part of the customer funded experience.

The Vue Entertainment website is basically a giant flash animation – which I cannot view at all since there is no flash plugin for my system. I have mailed them to attempt a little enlightenment where the differences between a sprinkling of flash and giant flash animations are concerned, and how these fit in with customers who cannot view them normally. If Warner goes down this route then I would no longer be able to book tickets online – I would try local competition however Warner Village drove them all out of business.

I can see this takeover move is going to be a bad move for customers.


Linux User Expo 2003

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

[ from the great-family-fun-event dept. ]

I am going to the Linux User Expo 2003 however I am not sure which dates I will be there yet so I am interested to hear from friends
who may be attending, and when they will be there.


Programmable fun

Friday, June 6th, 2003

[ from the xilinx-are-pretty-cool dept. ]

I was bitching about the direction certain paths in education are taking and reminded myself that things could be a lot worse – or better.
I disagree with the government notion that 50% of the population should have degrees – people should have a degree if they want to study some area and have sufficient interest in the longer term or just for intellectual challenge…or whatever, not because they have nothing else.

I have been playing around with some Xilinx stuff again. I already had a bunch of CPLDs at home cluttering up space but now I am using the Virtex II Pro and the modified GNU tools. I plan to buy a load more kit as soon as it becomes affordable.

This weekend I told myself I would look at Minix for PowerPC again. It is of course likely that something else will grab my attention yet again rather than this port but if I do finally get around to it then I will begin the low level platform support.